The Study of the Criminal Justice System & Society

Criminal Justice focuses on the U.S. criminal justice system and prepares students to:

  • Utilize an interdisciplinary approach to understand real world issues
  • Describe and analyze the function and organization of law enforcement, courts, and corrections
  • Examine issues like poverty, homelessness, addiction, and access to public services, and how they intersect with crime
  • Engage in discussions about the many ways we can find solutions to pressing social problems

Expert faculty will guide and advise you through one-on-one interactions. The diversity of our electives will help you meet your specific learning goals. You will apply what you learn in the classroom by interacting with professionals in the field and service projects. And, you will find opportunities to conduct research with faculty, connect with professionals in the community, and undertake an internship with local criminal justice agencies.

At UM-Flint, the Criminal Justice Program is closely linked to the Sociology and Anthropology Programs. This close affiliation will give you access to a variety of faculty expertise. Many of our students choose to pursue a double major.

What matters most is finding the path that’s right for you. Whether you are interested in working in corrections, serving in a public office, or plan to continue on to graduate school, we can provide the Criminal Justice foundation you need for a successful life.

Academic Advising
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Career Advising
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Bachelor’s Degrees

Criminal Justice Catalog Description
Begin your study of Criminal Justice by exploring program offerings that will lead you to a degree in this compelling field that examines the intersection of justice, law, politics, and society.

This degree program offers a Honors track. Learn more.



Internships allow students to:

  • Maximize opportunities for knowledge acquisition
  • Investigate the real world of criminal justice
  • Gain experience and contacts that will aid in the search for employment

A variety of placements to match your interests:

  • 7th Judicial Circuit Court – Family Division 
  • 67th District Court Probation Department
  • Flint Center for Civil Justice
  • Flint Police Department
  • Genesee County Circuit Court
  • Genesee County Prosecutor’s Office
  • Genesee County Sheriff’s Department
  • Michigan State Police

For more information, please contact the Anthropology, Sociology, & Criminal Justice Department.

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