Bachelor of Science in Psychology

Earn a Versatile Psychology Degree to Unleash Your Potential 

University of Michigan-Flint’s Bachelor of Science in Psychology degree provides students with vital knowledge in various topics in psychology including cognitive and social psychology, human development, gender, and personality. The program offers innovative learning opportunities and research experiences that can be tailored to meet your unique needs and interests. With this versatile BS in Psychology degree, you are empowered to unlock many potential careers in psychology, as well as business, education, law, medicine, and social work.

Flexible Learning Formats

Our transformative Bachelor of Science in Psychology program is offered on-campus and online with flexible class schedules. Both program options provide the same rigorous coursework, quality education, and exceptional learning experience. With the online program option, students who prefer distance learning can study at their own pace.

Psychology student conducting research.
Faculty member helping a student during a psychology class.

Ample Research Opportunities

The BS in Psychology program provides ample opportunities for students to engage in leading-edge psychological research projects. Ranging from class projects to faculty research programs, these research opportunities encourage students to shape critical and analytical thinking skills and prepare them for future study.

Bachelor of Science in Psychology

The BS in Psychology curriculum includes 46 credit hours of study in addition to the general education requirement. Students first obtain a fundamental understanding of psychology through 14 credit hours of foundation courses and continue to learn broader psychological concepts with 15 credit hours of core courses. Through 8 credit hours of capstone and 9 credit hours of elective courses, students explore advanced topics in psychology and tailor their study to their career interests.

The core courses help students uncover a variety of major branches of psychology including Biological Psychology, Cognitive Psychology, Developmental Psychology, Social Psychology, and Applied Psychology. Through these core courses, you obtain the fundamental knowledge and are prepared to further your study in a particular topic that interests you the most. You also have the option to enroll in the Honor track which gives you the opportunity to gain off-campus research experience and complete a thesis.

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If you want to unlock your talents in psychology, you have the option to declare a minor and complement your psychology major. Minor options include:

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What will your experience as a biology major look like with UM-Flint? We’ve developed major maps to help you learn what to expect during each stage of your studies. These maps share year-by-year information like class selection, extra-curricular opportunities, career preparation, and more. Download the map and start charting your course to success.

Dahlia Kassel and Sabrina Dougherty

Dahlia Kassel and Sabrina Dougherty
Psychology 2020

Dahlia and Sabrina worked with Dr. Peter Molinaro to research eye-witness testimony in the courts. Their findings show that eye-witness testimony is often unreliable and can lead to false identification. Read more about their experience.

“It was a monumental experience—to go to a national platform and present research with a team that has worked together for so long,” Dougherty explains. “And we were also able to connect with other people in the field—professors, directors, graduate students who can share their own experiences. It’s something that I am so proud to have done in my undergraduate years.”

After graduation, Dahlia is now working as a pre-school instructor while Sabrina prepares for law school.

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Learn More about the Bachelor of Science in Psychology Program

Explore the myths about human behavior and unleash your potential with the University of Michigan-Flint’s Bachelor of Science in Psychology program. Apply today or book an appointment with our academic advisor, Nicole Altheide (on-campus psychology) or Therasa Martin (online psychology), to learn more about the program.

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