Wolverine Food Den

The Wolverine Food Den is a “by students, for students” initiative to help students who face food insecurities on campus. In 2015, students from the University of Michigan-Flint’s social work program wanted to assist in addressing food insecurities, which affects many college students. The Department of Social Work conducted a study on the Flint campus about student food insecurity. This study indicated that 58 percent of the respondents stated they skipped or missed meals due to the availability of food sometimes, often, or all the time, while 38 percent reported lacking basic food needs. Since this time, more than 30 students have worked on this project. These students successfully secured grants from the Ann Arbor campus and the Food Bank of Eastern Michigan, while also establishing key partnerships that will sustain operations of the new student pantry.

The food pantry is open to all registered students. Students in need can visit the pantry as many times as needed for food and basic toiletries.

Volunteer for Agency Credits

If you’d like to help out the Wolverine Food Den, you can turn volunteer hours at the Food Bank of Eastern Michigan into agency credits.

Wolverine Food Den Location

386 Harding Mott University Center
Flint, MI 48502
Email: flint.sil.foodpantry@umich.edu
Phone: (810) 424-5277

Winter 2022 Hours

By appointment only