Why UM-Flint

Leader in Physical Therapy

The University of Michigan-Flint has a rich history of preparing leaders in the Physical Therapy field. For nearly 40 years the campus has been offering PT degrees. We've evolved with the industry requirements; from bachelor's to master's to the current Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT), our PT programs have always been on the forefront in educational standards. And now, the Ph.D. in Physical Therapy adds to the U-M alumni population.

Our PT leadership continues with the Physical Therapy Bridge to Credentialing program. It is designed for students who have a physical therapy degree, but lack the requirements to obtain PT licensure in the United States, thus helping students fill their Foreign Credentialing Commission on Physical Therapy deficiencies. Students admitted to this program can take graduate courses without being formally admitted to a UM-Flint degree or certificate program.

Program audience:
  • Internationally trained and educated physical therapists either licensed to practice or educated to practice
  • Candidates can live in the United States or abroad who want to gain licensure to practice in the United States
Convenient Format:

The PT Bridge program is available 100% online, thus allowing students from around the globe access to the program.

    *Completion of course work in this program does NOT confirm eligibility to sit for licensure in US. The decision to grant a license is at the discretion of the jurisdiction. The FCCPT evaluation report is an advisory report only, indicating the deficiencies in the educational comparison. You may choose to supplement the educational documents based upon the review and apply for a re-evaluation. 


    Additional course information can be found here


    • Physical therapy degree or foreign equivalent of a four-year degree
    • Licensed in home country if home country offers licensure possibility
    • Access to a patient population and must be able to practice with that patient population in the country of your degree


    Students eligible for this program are considered Lifelong Learning students and should fill out an Application for Physical Therapy Bridge to U.S. Credentialing Program (not the regular Lifelong Learning/Guest application). Also required:

    • Transcript or diploma with bachelor’s or master’s degree posted

    • If educated outside the United States or Canada: FCCPT report that includes CWT6 section stating currently eligible to practice PT in the country in which the PT degree was awarded

    • International students must submit English proficiency requirements listed here. Waivers of this requirement are not allowed for this program.

    The Physical Therapy Department will be provided with your application materials and make a decision on your admission.

    Application Deadlines

    This program has rolling admissions and reviews completed applications each monthly. Application deadlines are as follows:

    • Fall: August 1
    • Winter: December 1
    • Spring: April 1