Intramural Sports

Intramural Sports are open to current students, as well as faculty/staff. IM participation is free and allows individuals to set goals, socialize, participate in friendly competition and, most importantly, have fun!

Fall 2022 Intramural Sports

Registration for Fall leagues and special events will open in September on Create your IMleagues account today to get notified about future sports offerings.

How much does it cost to play?
Nothing! There are no registration fees for Intramural Sports.

How do I register?
Registration is available on, and team schedules are posted there as well. Simply login using your UM-Flint unique name and password, and register your team.

Who can play IM Sports?

  • Students: To be eligible to participate in the Intramural Sports programs, students must be enrolled at UM-Flint during the appropriate semester when the sport is being played.
  • Faculty/Staff: May participate in the Intramural Sports programs if they are current Recreation Center members. At most, 25% of a team’s roster can be composed of eligible faculty/staff. Eligible Faculty/Staff will not be eligible to participate in any NIRSA sponsored state or regional tournaments.

What does the team captain need to do?
One member of each team must serve as the team captain. They are responsible for registering the team and attending the pre-season captains meeting where league rules are covered.

Where are games played?
All Intramural Sports events take place in the Rec Center unless otherwise noted. Participants must adhere to Recreation Center policies, including checking-in at the front counter with their MCard and checking-in with staff at the courts/event space.

Sports Officiating

The Assistant Director of Intramural & Club Sports is always seeking qualified officials and score keepers. Basic qualifications required of Intramural Officials include thorough knowledge of rules, officiating mechanics, professionalism, poise, and maturity. Officials are paid on a per-hour basis. Interested individuals should contact the Recreation Center.


Every team is responsible for the conduct of its players and followers. Any conduct judged as detrimental to the participants, program or any particular contest, may result in loss of the contest, suspension of the individual player, suspension of the entire team, or other appropriate action. Striking, fighting or other inciting action, whether physical or verbal, will result in automatic suspension of the player(s) and can result in a team suspension. Additional sanctions may be imposed pending investigation of the incident. Individuals who have been ejected from a contest will not be eligible to participate in any Intramural Sports programs until they have made an appointment and met with the Assistant Director prior to their next scheduled game.

Physical or verbal abuse of any Recreational Services employee or fellow participants will result in automatic suspension. A team must maintain control of its members and repeated questioning of the officials, complaining, and delay of play will result in sanctions. They must also exhibit the high standard of sportsmanship for their group that is expected at an institution of higher education. Any participant or organization suspended from Intramural activities due to violation of Intramural guidelines or sports rules will have the opportunity to participate in due process to ensure protection of rights. The Assistant Director will hear information from all involved parties and make an appropriate decision. A final appeal may be made to the Director of Recreational Services.