Effective September 28, 2020, Recreation Center access is for students and members (13+) during Phase 1 of Rec’s initial reopening.

The Recreation Center is free to University of Michigan-Flint students attending classes for the current semester. Students not currently enrolled, as well as university faculty, staff, their families, and the general public may use the facility by purchasing day passes or memberships.

Membership Rates

Memberships are sold in lengths of a single month, one year, or perpetual (automatic monthly payments or payroll deductions). Payment may be made via cash, check, or credit card.

Member TypeAnnualPerpetualMonth-to-Month
Business Group$435$41$51
UM Graduate$340$33$42
Special Status*NA*NA*$25
Current UM Student

Adults age 62+ pay half price (prices listed are per person)
*Special Status includes continuing UM students not taking classes in the current semester. Month-to-month option only.

Additional Household Members

Member TypeAnnualPerpetual 
(Monthly Deductions)
(per month)
Business Group$360$34$42
UM Graduate$295$29$36

Additional Information

  • Annual Membership (non-perpetual): A one-year, annual membership begins from the date that the membership is purchased. The total membership fee must be paid in full to receive this economical, discounted rate.Perpetual Membership
  • On-going membership service paid through an automatic monthly payment. The first month is paid at the time of registration. The subsequent payments may be charged to a credit card or deducted by electronic funds transfer from a checking or savings account around the 25th of each month. University of Michigan employees may choose payroll deduction. Fees may be applied to suspend perpetual memberships and/or for failed payments. Monthly deductions continue until notification has been received to cancel. Memberships cancelled before 12 months subject to a $25 early termination fee.
  • Month-to-Month Membership: Valid one month from the date of purchase.
  • Membership Definitions & Policies
  • Lockers

Day Pass

Anyone, including students not currently enrolled and the general public, may purchase a day pass. Each day pass includes one towel and day use lockers are available for use with your own lock.

Valid photo identification is required for patrons 18 years of age and older. Minors under 18 require an adult sponsor 18 years or older in order to gain entrance. Adult sponsors must also purchase day passes or have valid membership privileges at the Recreation Center. Access is age-restricted, see Youth Policies for more information.

Day Pass Rates

  • Adult Pass (ages 18 – 61) – $12
  • Youth Pass (ages 13 – 17) – $10
  • Child Pass (ages 6 – 12) – $5
  • Seniors (62 and older) – $6
  • Under 5 – FREE!

Discounted 10 Pass Packs

  • 10 Adult Passes (ages 18 – 61) – $90
  • 10 Youth Passes (ages 13 – 17) – $75
  • 10 Child Passes (ages 6 – 12) – $37
  • 10 Senior Passes (ages 62 and older) – $45

Day Pass Consignments
Corporations, schools, and other organizations may purchase day passes at reduced rates in bulk quantities. For additional information, contact Recreational Services.


Visitors may use Lot A (flat lot next to Rec Center) any time of day through at least April 2021. Hang tag permits are still required.  Additionally, handicap parking spaces are available in this lot.

Recreation Center Parking
Rec Center members (not including students, faculty, and staff) and Day Pass Users are considered visitors by the university and must park in visitor areas.

  • Visitor Parking: Monday
    • Thursday between 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.
      Visitor parking is located in the Mill Street Parking Deck. Rec Center members & Day Pass users may park anywhere in the parking deck, except in otherwise designated spaces.
    • Monday – Thursday before 8 a.m., after 5 p.m. & Friday-Sunday
      Visitors may park in Lot A (the flat lot adjacent to the Recreation Center) or in the Mill Street Parking Deck.
  • Handicap Parking
    Parking in a handicap designated parking space in a student designated parking lot (such as Lot A), requires a handicap permit AND a University permit for that parking lot.  Handicap permit parking is available in the Mill Street Parking Deck.

Parking policies on campus are not under the jurisdiction of the Recreation Center, nor does the Recreation Center receive any revenue from tickets issued. Recreational Services continually advocates on behalf of its members to make procedures as convenient as possible. Concerns may be directed to the UM-Flint Department of Public Safety.