About Employee Wellness

Mission:  To create an environment at the University of Michigan-Flint that promotes and facilitates healthy lifestyle choices.

The University of Michigan-Flint Wellness Program was established in 1997, when Staff Council championed an Employee Wellness Committee. The committee set out to explore health programming for faculty and staff at UM-Flint. After a survey that identified a strong interest in health promotion activities, the committee provided education, resources, and exercise classes to promote a healthier lifestyle on UM-Flint campus.

Employee Wellness Programs recognized!

Twice UM-Flint has been recognized by the Governor’s Council on Physical Fitness, Health and Sports as a Healthy Workplace. The “Rookie of the Year” award was given in 1999. This award is given to a workplace for new programming that promotes a healthy lifestyle. In 2003, UM-Flint earned the prestigious Silver Award because of the University’s creative programming, demonstrated success and long-term commitment to the health of its employees.

Michigan Healthy Community Initiative        M Healthy Link

The UM-Flint Employee Wellness Program now takes its lead from the Michigan Healthy Community Initiative (MHCI). Instituted in 2004 by President Mary Sue Coleman, the MHCI is a multifaceted initiative designed to improve the health of the U-M community. The initiative aspires to advance public discussion and encourage social commitment to change by conceiving of health as a community process within the special context of the university workplace. The UM-Flint campus actively participates in the MHCI programs.

Wellness Champion?

UM-Flint Wellness Champions are employees who have volunteered to play an important role in reaching out and engaging UM’s faculty and staff.  Their ability to effectively communicate with co-workers about the programs and resources available, to encourage them to take advantage of these services and to champion the creation of a healthy workplace culture in their units are the keys to the success in improving the health and well-being of UM’s faculty and staff. 

If interested in being a wellness champion and making a healthy difference, please contact Sherri Berry at sleet@umflint.edu.