If there’s one person who sincerely enjoys helping other people, it’s Brittany. She can be seen at all work stations including lifeguarding. She is an excellent communicator which is a real plus when it comes to instructing. Brittany also works as a fitness instructor in the building. One patron told us, “Brittany is always willing to help and lend a helping hand. [She provides] great customer service!”  When Brittany isn’t teaching, lifeguarding, supervising the building, reading, or swimming, she is cuddling her newborn son, Gavin. As a proud mama should, she regularly posts photos of her little man (who happens to look just like her!). One day Brittany hopes to see Australia. Perhaps she’ll be able to swim with the dolphins while “down under?” Be sure to look for her to offer congratulations next time you’re in the building. And better yet, register for her deep water Aerobic class!


This Health Sciences/Physical Therapy student has been described as “always extremely helpful…has a great attitude…always put forth great effort” by Rec Center patrons. Those of us on staff who are privileged to work Brannon heartily agree. When something needs “muscled” he’s our “go-to” guy. He may not be able to leap buildings in a single bound, but he can transport 2 bikes at once up a flight of stairs, seemingly by his fingernails! Brannon is also community-minded, demonstrated by voluntarily spending his Saturdays coaching kids in basketball.  One day he hopes to travel to Africa. Brannon works at several of the work stations at the Rec, including Student Supervisor, so make sure to say hi next time you see him!


For some of us, we can say we “watched this young man grow up.” Juwan came to the university originally as a camp counselor, while still in high school. He was part of a community organization that trained young students on how to interview, acquire a job, as well as increase communication skills by sending out correspondences once the summer job had ended. Once Juwan was accepted as a UM-Flint student, he interviewed and was hired as Rec staff. He is well-liked by both staff and patrons and knows…like…everyone!! Recently, a co-worker wrote this about Juwan, “He worked for me during his busy life at last minute and I really appreciate that.”  Juwan studies Physical Therapy here and works all stations, including as Student Supervisor. He is looking forward to a 2015 graduation date. The one goal he would like to accomplish, “[To] become a successful Physical Therapist.”  We’re rooting for him! We believe he can accomplish all he sets out to do.


This bookworm studies Visual Communication at the university, but hopes to one day enjoy seeing her  original stories in print along with her own hand drawn illustrations. When Shakira isn’t reading and writing, she spends time volunteering at the North End Soup Kitchen. She was also a key person in the Recreation Center’s successful holiday Adopt-a-Family campaign, putting in tireless hours of organizing, wrapping, and delivering to the families.  Shakira does not shy away from work. She can be seen at all stations as well as covering the Rec building while  in her Student Supervisory role.  This story-teller turned singer while in England. She performed karaoke in a local pub. Ask her to share her adventure with you! Thanks for all you do for the Rec Center, Shakira!


This pre-med student has one goal in mind…finish medical school. Her drive and determination are admirable, as well as how she is “always willing to help others” as one patron described her. Holly can be found in all the work stations providing outstanding customer service and a friendly smile. You may not know, but she is a brainiac who aced her EMT exam simply by studying the textbook! Obviously, the mind of a skillful physician, who may have a photographic memory!?!  Holly hopes to travel to Barcelona, Spain in the future, which may be way way in the future, since med school requires such discipline and commitment. Be sure to send out a wave or hello to Holly next time you see her!


This student may very well be the humanitarian of the year?! When Kellie’s not hitting the books, she volunteers with the Red Cross, Relay for Life, Food Bank of Eastern Michigan, Genesee County Fair, and Be the Match organizations. One day Kellie would love to travel to Paris. It’s beauty attracts her as well as the thought of enjoying a lengthy conversation with a native solely in his endemic language. Kellie is looking forward to a 2015 graduation date with her Criminal Justice degree. Seems fitting for this charitable young woman. You’ll find Kellie at all work stations. Be sure to send out a Thank You for her selfless contributions to the community.


You may have noticed this employee in the Weighbex area, although he seldom draws attention to himself. Darnell (a.k.a. “D”) studies History at UM-Flint. When he’s not occupied with homework, Darnell enjoys soccer, football, and discussing the past. This European-born student hopes to travel to England in the future. What a terrific way to gain historical information! One day Darnell plans to be a history teacher (maybe he’ll coach soccer while imparting knowledge of bygone times to his students?).  Be sure to not pass him by next time you’re in the building! Rec Members tell us he’s, “Very kind…and always helps patrons.”


If you’ve worked out in the Cardio room, you may have met this long time employee. Benny (a.k.a.), B.J. has been polishing those cardio machines since 2007. A Flint native whose favorite color happens to be red [we try to overlook that ;) ], B.J. has dabbled in computer science, social work, and other interests. One of his earliest childhood memories is going to Sea World when he was 5 years old! When he’s not at work he enjoys his best-loved collection of sports memorabilia and is fond of painting. You’ll have to head to the upper level to meet this employee, so while you’re at it, clock a few miles on the treadmill, elliptical or stationary bike!


For those of you who have been long-time Rec members, you may recognize the face of this featured employee. For some, he’s known a C-Frizzle. And for most, he’s famous for his sports knowledge mixed with passion! If you want to talk “March Madness,” he’s your guy. Corey is now working on his MBA, after graduating with a Bachelors’ in Education. His mind for numbers is staggering! Corey has worked in all stations at the Rec Center including Intramurals and as Student Supervisor. If he could have any job in the world, Corey would be the CEO of Nike where he would enjoy a lot of responsibility and the lion’s share of free shoes! You may have recently witnessed him in a suit. He just landed a new job and may be leaving us soon? But meanwhile, the next time you’re at the Rec, bring in trivia information about any sports team and try to stump the C-Frizzle!


She may know a lot about how the human body works, but this Biology/Pre-Med major also knows animals! Reared on a farm in Davison, Ocie knows about rural life, raising chickens (you have GOT to try some of her fresh farm eggs!), and caring for livestock. One of her favorite things to do is horseback ride. When the 4-H, Red Cross, or Job’s Daughters volunteer opportunities aren’t occupying her time, she works for us as Student Supervisor. If Ocie could travel anywhere in the world, she would tour Italy, the island of Sardinia specifically. We hope you get a chance to meet this multi-talented, hard-working, aspiring young woman, committed to become a pediatrician.


One degree was not enough for this girl! Steffanie has now joined the ranks of others who want to earn an additional undergrad degree on top of a bachelor’s in molecular biology.  When not studying she enjoys reading non-textbooks, playing sports, and watching TV. She has been spotted in the U-Fit Room hefting barbells into overhead presses as well as other workout areas in the building! Steff can be found in the main office where she sells memberships, answers phone calls, organizes, files, and demonstrates outstanding customer service. If Steff could travel anywhere in the world, she would visit Italy. We're hoping for a group discount, because we all want to tag along! :)  Next time you're in the main office, be sure to meet this strong, resilient, pleasant, intelligent young woman.

Periodically the Rec Center will feature an employee who goes above and beyond the normal job duties. Look for these outstanding employees next time you're at the Rec and congratulate them!


This soon-to-graduate psychology student is well known for his ability to recall details! His work ethic is exemplary and leadership skills strong. You can find Adam at all the work stations, but most frequently working as Student Supervisor. Adam is also quick to react during emergency situations. His nickname may be “short stack” but he’s got speed! If he could travel anywhere in the world, he would visit Australia. In fact, secretly, he would like to sit in a kangaroo pouch. I wonder if he’s ever read Joey, the children’s book by Jack Kent?  Be sure to say hello to this remarkable student before he moves on to his next big goal! Good luck, Adam! The Rec is going to miss you!!!


This Criminal Justice student is not only smart but he’s a top notch athlete! When he’s not hitting the books he's slamming the puck at the goal on the ice. Not only does this UM-Flint Hockey competitor play tough, he works hard in the building at all stations as well as Student Supervisor. If Mark could have any job in the world he would be the General Manager of the Redwings, making them the Stanley Cup winners every year! Congrats Mark, for your quality service to the Recreation Center!


This nursing student won’t be around for long. She is approaching her 2014 graduation ceremony soon! You can find Tori either Lifeguarding at the pool or working E-Station. Tori is one of those employees who can be described as one who does quality work without drawing a lot of attention to herself. Her leadership skills and willingness to work any position at a moment’s notice separates her from her peers. Thanks for being a quality employee Tori! You ROCK!!!


Shateonnia (a.k.a. Shy) wears many hats in her job at the Recreation Center. She is trained in all the work stations (except Lifeguard) and demonstrates true leadership skills and proficiency in each. When she is not buried in her Social Work studies, you may find her volunteering on behalf of others less fortunate or participating in the Housing Block Club, or running on the track. One day Shy aspires to begin her own children’s charity organization. High five Shy! Your work has not gone unnoticed at the UM-Flint Recreation Center!