Fitness Assessments and Personal Training

Fitness Assessments

A fitness assessment is a helpful practice for developing an individualized exercise program that provides good motivation for participants by establishing fitness goals and education on overal fitness and health risks. 

The one-hour fitness assessment will determine body composition, cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength and endurance, resting blood pressure, and resting heart rate. Afterward, a consultation and exercise orientation appointment is scheduled. Assessment results will be explained, along with the personal exercise plan. 

UM-Flint Students: $25*
Recreation Center Members: $45*
Non-Members: $55 each test

*Includes re-test within six months to one year.

Body Composition

Just looking for a body composition (also known as "Body Mass Index") test?

Recreation Center Members & Students - $8
Non-Members - $15

Personal Training

Are you motivated by a training partner - someone who meets you at a specified time, helps plan your workout, offers you encouragement, and praises your accomplishments? If you don’t have a personal friend who can fill these needs, try our certified personal trainers! Two service packages have been developed to meet your needs and interests: Introduction to Fitness Package (for individuals who desire less interaction) and Train with Me Package (for individuals who prefer ongoing support).

Introduction to Fitness Package

This program expands on our Fitness Assessment by adding short-term personal training. You receive the fitness test, consultation and program development, along with two one-hour personal training sessions.

UM-Flint Students - $95
Recreation Center Members - $115
Non-Members - $125

Train with Me Package


If your prefer ongoing personal training for M-Proved motivation and support in your fitness program, try our Train with Me Package. Full payment must be made at the time you schedule your training sessions.


Train with Me: $40/hour
Train with Me 6-Times: $210

Personal training for GROUPS at a discounted rate (per person).



In a letter to the Recreation Center on April 9, 2001, William Marinucci, a longstanding Rec Center member wrote . . .

I wish to express my sincere gratitude to Mr. Chris Clolinger for all his assistance and guidance as my trainer. He was instrumental in helping me lose 89 lbs -- the right way! I have been very successful in reaching my goals, and Chris was a significant contributor to my success. He is an excellent trainer and a great motivator!

Best regards,

William L. Marinucci

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