Political Science

Understanding the Institutions of Society

The Political Science Department helps students develop skills of critical thinking and analysis that will enable them to understand political institutions and processes locally, nationally, and globally. The department also aims to empower students to engage in informed, thoughtful, and effective ways in public life.  

As a Political Science Department, we explore political institutions and power relations in society. We study political life through different approaches: institutional, legal, historical, behavioral, philosophical, sociological, political-economic. The scope of our courses is broad, including not only the United States but also other countries and global institutions and processes. 

Political Science programs prepare students to work in government and politics, public policy, non-profits, and private industry. They prepare students for graduate study in a variety of fields, including law, public administration, public policy, education, public health, and academic social sciences.

Political Science, like many other liberal arts programs, prepares students to:

  • think critically and analytically
  • express themselves well in writing and orally
  • solve problems
  • understand and participate in their communities
  • learn on the job and throughout life.

A degree in Political Science also opens doors to specific occupations and jobs. Some higher-level jobs require additional degrees, for which a Political Science major is good preparation.

Bachelor of Arts in Political Science Degree Program

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The General Program in Political Science is intended to meet the needs of students planning to continue their studies in political science or related fields at the graduate level or planning to prepare for professional work in such fields as government, law, education, and journalism.

Learn more about the Honors track offered.


Pre-Professional Programs

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What will your experience as a political science major look like with UM-Flint? We’ve developed major maps to help you learn what to expect during each stage of your studies. These maps share year-by-year information like class selection, extra-curricular opportunities, career preparation, and more. Download the map and start charting your course to success.

Tyrice Denson

Tyrice Denson
Political Science 2019

“I have always been interested in going into politics or being an attorney and Political Science is a common pathway for both. Studying Political Science allowed me to gain knowledge in subjects like history, law, and policymaking. My classes were small enough that there was always room for ample discussion, which empowered me to learn new things, connect them with my values and beliefs, and then form opinions that I could develop meaningful arguments for.”

Tyrice is currently a law student at Marquette University Law School.

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