A Field of Study with Global Impact

Economics is a social science that deals with many of the most difficult problems of our time, such as inflation, unemployment, pollution and poverty. As a problem-based discipline, the study of economics enables students to acquire the analytical skills and methodology applicable to a variety of career options. Economics graduates are in demand in such fields as banking, finance, insurance, and in government and industry. In addition, training in economics provides an excellent background for professional education in law and in graduate schools of business and public administration. Check out the American Economic Association’s reasons for studying economics!

Essential & Foundational
Economics deals with the most difficult issues of our time. It is the key to understanding the forces driving technological, political, and ideological change around the world. As a problem-based discipline, students acquire the analytical mindset and skills applicable to a wide variety of careers in both the private and public sectors.

Cutting-Edge Curriculum
The Data Analytics concentration offers an in-depth exploration of the interplay of business economics and data, skills that are in demand by employers in the private and public sectors. Because most graduate schools require calculus-based statistics and computer programming experience, this is an attractive option for students who may pursue a PhD in economics.

Future-Proof Skills
Technological innovation increases demand for those with data analysis expertise. University of Michigan-Flint’s faculty experts help students develop the aptitude and ability to apply the technical know-how needed to take advantage of these opportunities.

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Bachelor’s Degrees

Economics (BA) Catalog Description
The study of economics at UM-Flint offers students the opportunity to study theory, analytics, and social sciences. Explore more about this flexible academic opportunity.

This degree program offers a Honors track. Learn more.

Economics (BS) Catalog Description
For students intent on pursuing graduate school, the Bachelor of Science in Economics provides a more challenging experience that offers excellent preparation for their future.

This degree program offers a Honors track. Learn more.


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