global learning at home

Promoting Global Learning for All

We live in a globally connected world daily. We need not cross any border to experience the rich diversity of ideas, customs, and beliefs held by the people that populate our world. We are also challenged daily by the complexities, misunderstandings, and inequities that shape our interactions. The reality of our interconnectedness compels educators at all levels to recognize the value of preparing students for the globalized world. The Center for Global Engagement (CGE)  provides educators with an array of resources to internationalize the content, materials, activities, assignments, and learning outcomes of their courses. Infusing a course with global engagement is transformative and creates meaningful and memorable experiences for the faculty and students alike.

Virtual Exchange & COIL

Virtual Exchange (VE) or Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL) takes a class already being taught at any U-M campus and pairs it with a parallel course taught at a foreign university. The course can be about any topic and is not limited to study with an international focus. 

Global Learning

An education grounded in global learning provides a deeper perspective by considering and evaluating our interconnected social, political, and cultural systems and the ways that this interconnectivity affects the necessary collaborative work needed to solve global issues.

For more information regarding these programs, please contact Zachariah Mathew, Ph.D., at [email protected].