Campus Parking and Traffic Advisory Committee

The Campus Parking and Traffic Advisory Committee reviews and recommends policies regarding campus parking and traffic regulations at the University of Michigan-Flint. The committee’s actions are presented to the Vice Chancellor for Business & Finance for approval and implementation. 

The Campus Parking and Traffic Advisory Committee will collaborate with the executive administration in order to:

  • Provide maximum parking area in the best interests of the university, consistent with the natural beauties and layout of the campus. 
  • Allocate equitable parking to those in need of convenient transportation among faculty, staff employees, and students.
  • Maintain lawful traffic movement with a minimum amount of disturbance and proper protection for pedestrians.
  • Ensure access to emergency vehicles.
  • Communicate effectively with the campus regarding parking-related issues.

The Parking and Traffic Committee will serve in an advisory capacity to the university administration to: 

  • Provide an ongoing review of parking regulations and enforcement policies.
  • Provide recommendations regarding the designation of parking areas.
  • Provide recommendations for procedures, rules, and fees related to parking and transportation.
  • Serve as a key component of the communication strategy for keeping the university community informed regarding parking-related issues; the committee will work on behalf of the Vice Chancellor for Business and Finance to receive, consider, and address concerns or suggestions related to parking and traffic at UM-Flint.

Note: Parking and traffic violations are managed by the 67th District Court and are not under the purview of this committee.