Faculty/Staff Parking

A valid University of Michigan-Flint Parking Permit is required in all lots and structures; this includes permits for students, employees, Recreation Center members, and visitors. Please find the parking lots and structures on the interactive map.

Faculty/Staff Parking (White Permit)

All employees are required to have a parking permit in order to park on the UM-Flint campus. Parking permits are processed by the DPS Administrative Office. The following options are available.

Annual Parking Permit – The cost of the annual parking permit is $180, paid annually by check or monthly through payroll deduction. Validation Stickers are valid for an entire academic year. For example, the 2023 sticker is valid through August 31, 2023. To receive a permit, download and complete the Parking Permit Application.

Temporary Parking Permit – Employees with limited, seasonal, or temporary appointments can obtain a Temporary Parking Permit for $15.00 per month. To receive a temporary permit, download and complete the Parking Permit Application.

Retiree Parking Permit – Parking permits are available to UM-Flint retirees; they cost $25 annually. To receive a permit, download and complete the Parking Permit Application. The Retiree Parking Permit is valid on the UM-Flint campus only in areas designated for faculty/staff.

Submit Faculty/Staff Parking Permits – Email DPS at [email protected], send inter-department mail to DPS, or visit the DPS Front Office at 102 Hubbard Building.
Please do not email reports of suspicious activity or crime; please call DPS directly at 810-762-3333. This email is not actively monitored.

Blue Parking Option for Faculty and Staff

The Blue Parking Permit allows faculty and staff to park in designated spaces in the UPAV Ramp. Permits are available to faculty and staff on a first-come, first-serve basis; they cost $30 per month. Details about the Blue Parking Program are available here.

Faculty/Staff Parking Areas

Effective Fall 2022, all campus parking areas are designated as Open Parking and require a valid university permit.

The Northbank Center Ramp; Blue Parking Area (UPAV Ramp); Riverfront Building Ramp; Lot P (WSW); and specifically designated spaces for handicap parking, service vehicle/restricted parking, etc. are excluded from Open Parking.

Mcard access is required for parking in the Northbank Center Ramp and the Riverfront Building Ramp. A Blue Parking permit is required to park in designated Blue Parking spaces in the University Pavilion (UPAV) Ramp.

Ann Arbor Parking Access

Faculty and staff who wish to park on the Ann Arbor campus are required to have a valid MCard and a valid UM-Flint parking permit. The Mcard and UM-Flint White Permit allows parking access on the Ann Arbor campus to the gated parking areas (designated U-M Blue parking) and the lots designated for U-M Yellow and Orange permit holders. Your MCard access will be activated upon issuance of your UM-Flint parking permit. 

For assistance with parking while on the Ann Arbor campus please call: (734) 763-5555. Parking locations and enforcement hours can be accessed per the links below. Additional information is available here

Central Campus

Medical Campus

North Campus

Ross Athletic Campus