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Leadership Learning Community (LLC)

The Leadership Learning Community (LLC) is focused on helping students connect with their peers, make friends, learn about the University of Michigan-Flint community, and build a personal definition of leadership. Through both in class and out of class experiences students will discuss real world applications of different ways leadership can create positive change. This community is supported through multiple departments on campus including Housing and Residential Life, and Student Involvement and Leadership. For more information, contact Chris DeEulis or click the MORE button to visit the Housing and Residential Life page.

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Emerging Leaders Program

The Emerging Leaders Program is an eight (8) week leadership development experience. This program helps students to learn about the connections between their individual values, Strengths, and the process of leadership. Throughout the program students will set their foundation for their own personal philosphy of leadership. For more information contact Chris DeEulis!

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Create your blueprints to success by attending the annual student organization training session which is typically held on the second Friday of September at the being of the fall term. This gives students organizations a way to complete the final steps of registering their organizations by taking part in Financial, Authorized Signers and Engage Training while also obtaining updates on policy changes from over the summer. For more information, contact Jaleesa Herrington.

This year we have launched virtual resources to provide access to as much information as possible. We have posted this on Blackboard for student leaders to access.

To access Blueprints Blackboard shell:

  • Log-in to Blackboard
  • Click Organizations at the top
  • Search for "Blueprints"
  • Use the arrow next to the ACD.Blueprints link to select Enroll


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Social Justice Leadership Series

These monthly sessions will focus on leadership from different perspectives. Students, faculty, and staff are invited to join us to be able to continue to expand their knowledge of different theories, and industry perspectives on leadership. For more informaiton, contact Chris DeEulis.

We began the Social Justice Leadership Series session on September 14th! We will host synchronous sessions ever other Monday at 4pm. If you are not able to join us or are looking for more information, follow the steps below.

To access the Social Justice Leadership Series Blackboard shell:
Log-in to Blackboard
Click Organizations at the top
Search for "Leadership"
Use the arrow next to the LEADERSHIP.SERIES: Social Justice Leadership Series link to select Enroll

The Social Justice Leadership Series is a collaboration between the Division of Student Affairs (Intercultural Center, Center for Gender and Sexuality, and Student Involvement & Leadership), the Center for Global Enagement, and various campus and community partners.

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Student Organization Summit (SOS)

Continue developing your leadership skills at the Student Orgaization Summit (SOS)!  This day-long educational program is held annually in the winter term. SOS gives student organizations the opportunity to attend various sessions to enhance their skills and continue to develop their capacity for working effectively with the other members of their organization. For more information, contact Chris DeEulis.

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Student Leadership Retreat (SLR)

The Student Leadership Retreat is an overnight leadership development experience focused on collaboration and relationship building. This retreat focuses on  the group values of the Social Change Model of Leadership Development. As students have a fun, engaging experience together they will create plans to address issues on campus.

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Inclusive Leadership Certificate (ILC)

Do you want to learn how to create more inclusive spaces? Do you want to learn more about yourself and how to create change in the community? 

Join SIL and the Intercultural Center (ICC) as they offer a seven-week leadership development program based in the Social Change Model that helps students build the fundamental skills needed to be an inclusive leader, and explore the attitudes, knowledge, and skills for inclusive leadership in an increasingly diverse world. Employers today are seeking candidates who embrace inclusive leadership skills and who can successfully lead in a diverse world. Challenge yourself to take your next step in leadership development and take a critical look at how identity impacts leadership and the process of creating change.

Click the More button to apply to be a part of the Winter 2021 cohort! Or complete the Engage form here.

Student Organization Advisor Training

Every student organization is required to have a UM-Flint faculty or staff advisor. An advisor is more than just a name on paper, but an integral part of the organization itself. The advisor provides consistency from year-to-year for an organization as a source of institution knowledge, provider of reasonable and sound advisement, and as a responsible agent of the University for the club/organization activities. Every academic year SIL provides training to notify advisors of any changes in policies, help identify free resources available to students and complete Campus Security Authority (CSA) which is a federal requirement. For more information, contact Chris DeEulis or Jaleesa Herrington.