international student orientation

The University of Michigan-Flint Center for Global Engagement is responsible for international student orientations sessions, with support provided by the Student Success Center. During orientation, you will learn about the new academic environment, find out about all the support services available, and take the first steps to become part of the university community.

All international students must complete both orientations in order to register for courses.

  • Important Pre-Arrival Information: Go through this document to help you prepare for getting your Visa and getting to the US.
  • International Student Orientation Schedule: Check the orientation date here.
  • Pre-Departure Orientation UM-Flint RSVP: Complete the Pre-Departure Orientation UM-Flint RSVP to get the link and updates.
  • Orientation RSVP: Register for International Student Orientation in SIS and fill out this form to register for the orientation prior to the first day of class.
  • Orientation FAQs: Find answers here to questions we receive from students and parents about orientation.