The University of Michigan-Flint offers free tutoring and Supplemental Instruction (SI) sessions to enrolled students!

Supplemental Instruction (SI)

SI means “Supplemental Instruction,” in which a trained SI Leader who has successfully completed the course attends classes with students and holds weekly review sessions. You have to study for your class anyway – so why not do it with someone who has successfully completed the course?

Supplemental Instruction (SI) provides students in specific courses with weekly group study sessions. These sessions are led by a trained SI Leader who earned a B or higher grade when they took the course, and who has been selected by the course faculty. Click here for the current SI schedule.

You will be reviewing the material discussed in class that week with other students and the SI Leader. You will also work every week on the content discussed in class and assigned by the course instructor. That means you will be much better prepared for your exams and other coursework.

Supplemental Instruction is effective! Studies demonstrate that students who attend SI do better on average than those who do not attend SI. They are more likely to pass the course, have higher grades, and increase their GPA.

Individual Tutoring

Individual, one-on-one tutoring appointments are available for many 100- and 200-level courses, as well as for selected upper-level classes. To find out which courses are supported by individual tutoring, please click here. Free tutoring is available for over 100 courses – book your tutor online today.

If your course isn’t supported by a tutor, we can still help! Fill out this Tutor Intake Form and we see how we can find you some assistance. We’ll reply to you with academic support options within one or two business days.

We have useful instructions on how to use the tutorial system. Please click here for video instructions or here for written instructions.

Are you interested in being a tutor? Here’s how to apply!

Tutoring Labs

Regular weekly virtual walk-in times are available for Biology 167/168, Math, Nursing, and Physical Therapy.