placement exams

You may need to take placement exams in order to register for English, Math, Physics, and Foreign Language courses. General guidelines for taking a placement exam are as follows:

  • New students are automatically registered to take applicable placement exams when registering for Orientation (regardless of whether Orientation is on campus or online). The specific placement exams you need to take are determined by a combination of your selected major, your standardized test scores, and/or previous college coursework you have transferred to UM-Flint.  After registering for Orientation, you can access your exams in Canvas.
  • For all other instances, access to placement exams must be requested by contacting the Student Success Center (SSC).
  • If at all possible, take your placement exams no later than two weeks prior to your Orientation and/or advising appointment. This allows sufficient time to have the results entered in the system before you register for courses, and for your advisor to review your results.
  • Please note that not every student requires the same set of placement exams, and in some situations, no exams are required.
  • Unless otherwise specified, your placement exam results will be automatically transferred to the Student Profile approximately 24 hours after you complete the exam. After logging into SIS, select “Student Services,” then “Student Records,” and then “Student Profile.” On the “Student Profile” screen, select “Prior Education and Testing” to view your results.

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