tuition & fees

Tuition & fees are based on a number of factors, including undergraduate or graduate status. Available for first-year students coming out of high school, our First-Year Merit Scholarship program offers more funding for students with a strong academic record and a desire to excel. Awards range up to $5,000 a year, with limited full-ride awards available. Students are encouraged to learn about the full range of scholarships available for all academic and economic backgrounds when they become a degree seeking student.

Estimated International Expenses

Transportation costs to and from the U.S. are not included. In addition to the below estimated costs, allowances must be made for educational and related expenses. Estimates for tuition, books, living expenses, and miscellaneous expenses for optional spring and summer semesters are not included. Health insurance is required for all F-1 and J-1 visa students and their dependents. Students are automatically enrolled in the university policy at their own expense.  Students who have a comparable policy or purchase one can request to opt out of the university plan by completing a waiver form. Tuition figures do not include mandatory fees each student will be assessed each semester.

The following cost tables are estimates, and are subject to change.

Undergraduate Programs

Lower DivisionUpper Division
Tuition(12 credits; excludes any additional courses related fees)$23,669$23,993
Living Expenses$11,191$11,191
Health Insurance$1,140$1,140
Books and Supplies$800$800
Miscellaneous Expenses$1,000$1,000
Total Estimated Expenses*$38,400$38,724

Graduate Programs

Tuition(8 credits excluding any additional course related fees)$8,357
Living Expenses$11,191
Health Insurance$1,140
Books and Supplies$800
Miscellaneous Expenses$1,000
Total Estimated Expenses$23,088

Dependent Expenses

Spouses living expenses, not including health insurance$5,000
Each additional dependent living expenses$2,700
Mandatory health insurance for one dependent$2,240
Mandatory health insurance for more than one dependent (family coverage)$3,336

Exchange Programs

One SemesterTwo Semesters
Living Expenses$6,023$12,047
Health Insurance$570$1,140
Books and Supplies$400$800
Miscellaneous Expenses$500$1,000
Total Estimated Expenses*$7,793$15,587