What is International Business?

The world economy is global. Understanding of global markets and regions of the world is critical for success in business. Studying international business provides insights into the global economy and business opportunities. Demand for individuals who understand the global context of business is increasing. From international trade and cross-border investments to the cultural issues are affecting the practice of business. Cross-cultural skills are increasingly valuable to employers faced with the challenge of operating in multiple markets.

Why UM-Flint for my International Business Degree?

The International Business major is designed to prepare students for marketing, finance, or management career in the international business environment. The International Business curriculum emphasizes understanding the differences between domestic and international business, understanding the global trade and investment environment, and recognizing the cultural, ethical and other issues that arise when firms engage in international business. Through this program, students will not only be academically prepared to succeed in this ever interconnected world but will also have a global experience through a study abroad course or an internship at a multinational company. International Business faculty members are available to consult with students wishing to pursue careers in any of the above-mentioned areas.


Faculty teaching general business courses have practical work experience that enhances the online learning environment. Like all University of Michigan instructors, they have a passion for education and years of teaching and mentorship experience.


The University of Michigan-Flint School of Management (SOM) encourages students to engage in professional development activities outside the academic environment. In the Fall of 2019, SOM will require all students to participate in career development activities to enhance their employability skills.

Students will be required to participate in practical work experience and career development activities to earn 30 points prior to graduation. Students will be able to attend or participate in presentation, workshops, and seminars/online tutorials in the following areas:

  • Developing Networking Skills
  • Resume Writing Skills
  • Interview Skills
  • Job Search Skills 
  • Business Etiquette 
  • Job Shadowing 
  • Internship 

*Points can be accumulated for each event you attend from freshmen to senior year.


You earn one degree with two different majors. The International Business Major has core classes that overlap with Finance, Marketing, Organizational Behavior and Human Resources ManagementOperations and Supply Chain Mgt. The Marketing degree is offered 100% online or in the traditional format. Benefits of a double major:

  • Broader level of knowledge. Studying within two majors earn you a level of knowledge within two disciplines other students may not acquire. 
  • More potential career paths.  By double majoring, you are more likely to be promoted to positions that require knowledge in multiples of functional areas.   
  • Double count courses toward your second major.  Students wishing to pursue a double major should consider majors that share courses between them.  If two majors share the same course, you only have to take that course once.  This reduces the number of courses needed to complete your second major. 
BBA Double Major for International Business Number of Shared Courses
Finance (3)  International Finance, Investments, Financial Engineering
Marketing (3)  International Marketing, Consumer Behavior,
New Product Development
Organizational Behavior and Human Resources Management

(3)  International Management, Managing Projects/Teams, Issues in Leadership

Operations and Supply Chain Mgt (2)  International Management, New Product Development

Please refer to the online catalog for the BBA requirements.