What is International Business?

International Business involves understanding the effects that the above activities have on domestic and foreign markets, countries, governments, companies, and individuals. Successful International Businesses recognize the diversity of the world marketplace and are able to cope with the uncertainties and risks of doing business in a continually changing global market.

What can I do with an International Business Degree?

  1. International Accountant
  2. International Economist
  3. Management Analyst
  4. International Banking
  5. Import/Export Agent
  6. International Sales Representative
  7. Translator

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Why UM-Flint for my International Business Degree?

The International Business major is designed to prepare students for a marketing, finance, or management career in the international business environment. The International Business curriculum emphasizes understanding the differences between domestic and international business, understanding the global trade and investment environment, and recognizing the cultural, ethical and other issues that arise when firms engage in international business. Through this program, students will not only be academically prepared to succeed in this ever interconnected world, but will also have a global experience through a study abroad course or an internship at a multinational company. International business faculty members are available to consult with students wishing to pursue careers in any of the above-mentioned areas.