Individual tutoring

Individual, one-on-one tutoring appointments are available for many 100- and 200-level courses, as well as for selected upper level classes. 

Book your individual tutoring appointment here. 

Important notes:

  • Log in with your UM-Flint uniqname and password
  • Click here to get a Tutor!
  • Choose one of your classes from the drop-down menu.
  • Choose “any location” and “any tutor” to get all the options available.
  • Choose the best day and time and make your appointment.

Watch video with instructions to book a tutoring appointment

Need help making a tutoring appointment? Click here for our Guide.

What courses are supported by individual tutoring? Click here to find out.  

Your course is not supported by a tutor? We can still help. Fill out this Tutor Request form and we see how we can get you some help. We'll reply to you with academic support options within one or two business days.

Want to become a tutor? Here’s how to apply

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Supplemental Instruction

Click here for Spring, Summer and Fall 2018 SI Courses

You have to study anyway—why not work with an SI Leader who has already successfully completed the course?

How does Supplemental Instruction work? 

Supplemental Instruction (SI), provides students in specific courses with weekly group study sessions led by a trained SI Leader. 

Why is SI so effective?

Studies show that students who attend SI do better on average than those who do not attend SI.  They are more likely to pass the course, to have higher grades, and to increase their GPA.

You will be reviewing the material discussed in class that week with other students as well as with an SI leader, who is an upperclass student who passed that same class with at least a B.

You will also work on content discussed in class and assigned by the course instructor every week, so you will be much better prepared when exams come.

What courses are supported by SI?

What do other students say about SI? Click here to find out.

Walk-In Tutoring Labs

You are welcome to join any of the free walk-in tutoring sessions for the courses listed below. Tutors are available during the schedules listed here:





BIO 167/168



How to become a Tutor?

Steps to becoming a tutor:

  1. The Student Success Center provides tutoring only for certain subjects and courses. To see which courses we tutor, please consult the list of courses supported by tutoring Courses by clicking here
  2. Have a faculty member submit a recommendation for each course you wish to tutor through this link:
  3. If you are interested in tutoring Math, please review the Math department's Math Tutor Requirements by clicking here
  4. Apply to the tutor position at  

The SSC reviews applications on an as-needed basis. Should we determine a need, we will contact applicants on file.

Should you have any questions, please contact us at (810) 762-3085 or