Success Mentorship Program

Committed to Helping Students Thrive

Eager to build a supportive network and develop skills to become better professionals and leaders? The University of Michigan-Flint Success Mentorship program fosters student achievement and well-being through building intentional, peer-to-peer relationships, with a focus on engaging freshmen and new transfer students. Student mentors will work with mentees to provide advice, guidance, and support as mentees build effective communication, study skills, and navigate their first year at UM-Flint. The Success Mentorship program aims to provide students with a sense of belonging and purpose at UM-Flint.

Mentor Terae Says:
“I’m volunteering to be a contact for an incoming student. When I came my freshman year as a first generation student, I was confused about college. I want to help others experience to be great.”

Mentor Reese Says:
“I am excited to be able to help out fellow students and share with them the strategies I have learned to be successful at the university.”

Learn How to Get a Mentor

As a result of participating in the Success Mentorship Program, mentees will build effective communication skills, develop academic/professional career goals, learn how to navigate challenges,  and connect with other students to enhance their sense of belonging.

Mentee Qualifications

  • Mentees must be considered a new student, either an incoming freshmen or incoming transfer student
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Learn How to Become a Mentor

Mentors will serve as leaders and provide advice and guidance up to five students during the academic year. These UM-Flint student mentors will participate in a brief training, connect regularly with their mentees, and attend additional programs and activities to support new student transition and success. Mentors will gain certification after completion of their mentor training.

Mentor Qualifications

  • Mentors must be currently enrolled in classes at UM-Flint 
  • Mentors must have accumulated at least 48 credit hours at UM-Flint
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How it Works

Mentees will be matched with a peer mentor based on shared interest. Ranging from shared hobbies, career outlook, academic interests, personal background and much more.

  • Students will sign up using the mentee or mentee registration link
  • Complete a brief matching survey about yourself and your background 
  • Discover and connect with your mentor and/or mentee. 
  • Connect with your mentor and/or mentee regularly throughout the year by talking about things that are important to the mentee and mentor.
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Why Have a Mentor?

Being a new student on campus can be exciting, but there can also be a few challenges along the way. It’s good to be a part of a supportive network on campus and connect with someone who is ready to listen, inspire, and empower you as a student at UM-Flint. As a mentee, you and your mentor can discuss:

  • How to set yourself up for academic, social and career success by maximizing your college experience.
  • Accessing campus support services.
  • How to build your social and professional networks by becoming engaged on campus.
  • How to navigate opportunities and challenges that may arise during your first year of college.
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Program Expectations

Your friends in the Success Mentorship Program want you to succeed and feel supported while you are attending UM-Flint. Expectations of the SMP include:

  • Year- long commitment (August 2021-April 2022)
  • Regularly log your conversation with your mentee and/or mentor 
  • Monthly in-person/virtual meetings with your mentee and/or mentor 
  • Mentors are expected to complete a Mentor Certification Training
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Join to Win a Book Scholarship

Program participants in the Success Mentorship Program will be eligible to receive one of two $500 book scholarships that will be awarded based on mentee/mentor participation in the program and academic success. Participants will be asked to complete an application and complete a brief essay. Apply now through Jan. 7.

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Programs and Activities Include:

  • Campus/virtual events and programs
  • Regular check-ins with your mentor/mentee
  • Support to connect with campus resources