Health and Safety 

The University of Michigan-Flint works hard to ensure your student is safe on campus. The Department of Public Safety provides complete law enforcement services. Our police officers are licensed by the Michigan Commission on Law Enforcement Standards and authorized to enforce all federal, state, and local laws, and rules of the University of Michigan. Our officers are also deputized by Genesee County. 
DPS officers are well-trained in services unique to an academic institution and are dedicated to the community policing philosophy as a way of delivering police services. DPS provides an array of programs and services for our campus community. Please review the DPS website for all of the services provided by the department in addition to those mentioned below:

Campus Safe Ride
Safe Ride, operated by DPS Student Patrol Officers, is a free transportation service that operates within specific campus geographic boundaries. Safe Ride operates while UM-Flint is open and in session throughout the year.

Safety Escort Service
Safety escort service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week for all members of the UM-Flint community. Students can call DPS and a safety employee will walk you to your car or other campus destination.

UM-Flint Emergency Alert 
UM-Flint Emergency Alert usually won’t be used for localized incidents within a building, such as a small fire. This system is reserved for campus-wide emergencies, which include but are not limited to:

  • Inclement weather-related campus closings
  • A tornado warning for Genesee County
  • An active violence incident, such as an active shooter
  • A health-related emergency, such as a water boil advisory

In order to receive these urgent notification alert messages, students may register up to three communication devices, such as text message devices, cell phones, or other phones. Registration is available on the Student Information System.

Emergency Contact Information
All students are asked to provide the university with the name and contact information for an emergency contact. This allows the university to reach out to families if necessary. Please encourage your student to update their emergency contact information annually in the Student Information System.  

Student Health and Well-Being

UM-Flint is committed to creating an environment that supports the health and well-being of all students. Well-being is an optimal and dynamic state that allows individuals to achieve their full potential. Students who focus on self-care and strive toward a sense of well-being in all aspects of their lives are better equipped to accomplish their academic and personal goals while managing challenges that arise along the way. Your student has access to resources and programs guided by this Model of Well-being to support both individual and community well-being.


Health Insurance
It is recommended that all students have health insurance. UM-Flint offers insurance plans for both domestic and international students.

Telehealth Services
UM-Flint offers free telehealth services for all undergraduate students. Services available through telehealth include episodic care, nurse advice, medication renewals, nutrition counseling, minor illness/injury care, and sexual health (including contraception and consultation). Students can access telehealth services by contacting (734) 764-8320.

If your student is experiencing a medical emergency on campus, call the UM-Flint Department of Public Safety at (810) 762-3333 or 911. DPS will provide basic first aid, and ambulance transport (as appropriate) and will contact the Emergency Medical System if necessary.

Disability and Accessibility Services
Should your student have a disability and need academic accommodations, please direct them to contact Disability & Accessibility Services, located at 264 University Center. DASS can help facilitate services such as accessible campus transportation, adaptive technology, sign language interpreters, and guidance for course accommodations. All services offered through DASS are free of charge.

Counseling and Psychological Services
Your student is eligible to receive free and confidential mental health support services through Counseling & Psychological Services. To initiate services, your student can request an initial consultation through the online form or contact the CAPS office directly at (810) 762-3456.

After-hours services are available on evenings, weekends, and holidays and can be accessed by calling the CAPS main line at (810) 762-3456 and pressing ‘0’.

Recreational Services
Your student can access the Recreation Center as long as they are registered for classes at no additional cost. The facility offers athletic courts, an indoor running track, a pool, cardio and weight areas, classes, and more. Your student also has the opportunity to participate in club and/or intramural sports as well as additional programs offered by the Recreation Center throughout the year.

Wolverine Essentials
Your student has access to resources to support food insecurity and other basic needs through Wolverine Essentials. Your student can access the supplemental resources offered through Wolverine Essentials by reaching out via phone at (810) 424-5277 or email [email protected]

For more information on additional resources on the UM-Flint campus and the surrounding community, please visit the Student Health and Well-being webpage.