Our Work

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The Campus Parking and Traffic Advisory Committee reviews and recommends policy regarding campus parking and traffic regulations for the University of Michigan-Flint campus. Recommendations are provided to the Vice Chancellor for Business and Finance for approval and implementation.  The committee welcomes feedback regarding parking or traffic safety - comments may be submitted here.
Note: Parking permit forms, information about parking space allocation, shuttle schedules, eletronic car charging stations, and parking and traffic rules are available on the Parking and Transportation webpage.
The Campus Parking and Traffic Advisory Committee will collaborate with the executive administration in order to:
  • Provide maximum parking area in the best interests of the university, consistent with the natural beauties and layout of the campus.
  • Allocate equitable parking to those in need of convenient transportation among faculty, staff employees, and students.
  • Maintain lawful traffic movement with a minimum amount of disturbance and proper protection for pedestrians.
  • Ensure access for emergency vehicles.
  • Communicate effectively with the campus regarding parking related issues.
The Parking and Traffic Committee will serve in an advisory capacity to the university administration to:
  • Provide on-going review of parking regulation and enforcement policies.
  • Provide recommendations regarding the designation of parking areas.
  • Provide recommendations for procedures, rules, and fees related to parking and transportation.
  • Serve as a key component of the communication strategy for keeping the university community informed regarding parking-related issues; the committee will work on behalf of the Vice Chancellor for Business and Finance to receive, consider, and address concerns or suggestions related to parking and traffic at UM-Flint.
Note: Penalties related to parking and traffic violations will be managed by the 67th District Court and are not under the purview of this committee.
Committee Membership

The Director of Public Safety (DPS) chairs the committee. Membership includes representation from university departments that work with parking generally as well as representation from faculty, staff and students.

2019-2020 Membership