Applying for a Job

Filing the FAFSA

Filling out the FAFSA is required to be eligible for Work-Study funds. To be eligible for Work-Study funds, make sure you file the FAFSA prior to the March 1st priority deadline. Make sure that when you fill out the application, you indicate that you wish to receive Work-Study funds.

Check the Award Letter

After filing the FAFSA, all students will receive an electronic copy of the award notice in their student email account. First time UM-Flint students will receive a paper copy of this award notice. The award notice will indicate whether or not Work-Study has been awarded. Students may also check these awards on SIS by following the instructions for accepting aid below.

What if I wasn't awarded Work-Study funds?

Students may apply for Work-Study each year. Professional experience and learning opportunities may also be found by applying for one of many volunteer opportunities listed on the University Outreach web page. 

Accepting funds

Accepting Aid on SIS

Work-Study funds are accepted just like any other type of aid - they must be accepted electronically by September 30th on SIS. 

View a tutorial that explains this process.

How do I receive the award?

The Work-Study program is very similar to a regular job. You will receive a paycheck when you work. You may earn up to your award each semester.

You may also set up direct-depositing through e-Refund

Finding a job

Finding a Job

Job offerings are listed online at as they become available.

View a tutorial that explains the job application process. 




View the Work-Study program's online orientation.
The document covers information from appropriate dress to confidentiality and it should prepare you for success in a Work-Study position. Reading the material should take no longer than 30 minutes
Tracking and Entering Time

A Work-Study job is earned like any other job with an hourly pay rate. There is a limit on the number of hours a student may work during the semester to earn their award. It is the responsibility of the student to track the hours worked to ensure they do not exceed this limit - tracking sheets are provided below for this purpose.

Work-Study Tracking Sheet (Spring Summer 2019)
Work-Study Tracking Sheet (Spring Summer 2019)
Work-Study Tracking Sheet (Fall 2019)
Work-Study Tracking Sheet (Fall 2019)
Work-Study Tracking Sheet (Winter 2020)
Work-Study Tracking Sheet (Winter 2020)
Reporting Time in Wolverine Access

Students must report their hours worked in Wolverine Access.

View a guide to entering time.