Honors Theme Community

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The Honors Theme Community offers the benefit of living and socializing with other Honors Program students who are goal-oriented, have a voracious curiosity for learning, and have a strong work ethic. Residents can create a vibrant environment for engaging and growing together outside the classroom. Participating in this community can jumpstart your academic success, personal development, and successful transition to college.

Advantages of joining the Honors Community: 

  • Develop a close-knit relationship with other honors students
  • Coordinated study group sessions in the residence hall
  • Intentional programming is designed by the Honors Program staff to help engage you outside of the classroom
  • Service opportunities

Participant Criteria:

To apply for acceptance into the Honors Community, applicants must have been accepted for admission to UM-Flint, admitted to the Honors Program, and be a student at UM-Flint residing in First Street Residence Hall.

Click here to apply to the Honors Residential Community!

For additional information, please contact Laura Staudacher at [email protected]

Meet Our Campus Partners from the Honors Program:

Dr. Melissa Sreckovic is the Honors Program Director and an associate professor of education. Her research focuses on identifying practices that promote authentic inclusion of individuals with disabilities and she is passionate about creating inclusive spaces. Outside of work, Dr. Sreckovic enjoys spending time with her two kids, Luka and Mila, her husband, Tom, and her dog, Sadie. Dr. Sreckovic loves to bake, and you might catch her around campus trying to pawn cookies off on people. She loves to be outside – whether it is going for a run, going to a concert, or hanging out at the beach – being outside is her happy place.

Laura Staudacher is the Program Manager for the Honors Program. She has a Bachelor of Science in Business Management and a Master of Public Administration – Non-Profit Administration. She has worked for the University for over 20 years, first on the Ann Arbor campus, and then at UM-Flint starting in 2008. Laura loves working with the Honors Program students, and watching them grow into successful professionals and community leaders! In her personal life, she enjoys all kinds of crafts and making art, DIY projects on her 100+ year old house in Flint, her five cats, and game days with her two daughters and granddaughter.