Residential Learning Communities & Theme Communities

Our Residential Learning Communities

UM-Flint’s Residential Learning Communities (RLCs) provide students a shared experience with peers living and learning together in our Residence Halls. Each RLC is tied to common academic courses and a residential experience that focuses on a deeper exploration of their common interests. Our faculty and staff work together to create meaningful activities and experiences designed to engage students in leadership, intellectual engagement, social justice, citizenship, connections, and service. Click on each community below to learn more!

Leadership Learning Community 
The Leadership Learning Community is focused on residents building a personal definition of leadership and discussing the real-world applications of different ways leadership can create positive change. This community is supported through multiple departments on campus including Housing & Residential Life, and Student Involvement & Leadership.

Wolverines for Social Justice and Diversity RLC
The Wolverines for Social Justice & Diversity Residential Learning Community affords students the opportunity to connect and grow in their understanding of social justice through participation in community service, scholarship, holistically focusing on building their social justice capacity and toolbox. This community is supported through the Intercultural Center, Social Work, and Housing & Residential Life.

Promise Scholar Residential Learning Community
The Promise Scholar Residential Learning Community is focused on providing scholars a safe living and learning experience that promotes academic excellence, self-discovery, and civic responsibility, in addition to fostering a sense of community and appreciation for individual differences. The vibrant cooperative will align with the vision and goals of the Promise Scholar program and its holistic approach to student success.

Global Learning Community
The Global Learning Community (GLC) is a UM-Flint home where you can prepare for life in a globalized world through cross-cultural interactions, and integrated learning experiences centered upon community-engaged and globally-relevant topics. We provide an enhanced educational experience for students with a common interest in global affairs – whatever their major or career path.

Our Theme Communities

UM-Flint’s Theme Communities offer students the opportunity to live and learn together within one of our Residence Halls on campus. Each Theme Community brings students with similar interests and passions together around a common theme. Our Theme Communities add a level of connection and support that creates a sense of belonging with our residents. Housing & Residential Life partners with a number of faculty, schools/colleges, and a number of departments across campus to enhance the experience of our students.

Innovation and Technology Theme Community
The Innovation and Technology Theme Community welcomes all students, regardless of major, with a drive to live and learn with peers that thrive on innovation, entrepreneurship, and technology to help shape the future. This community is proudly supported through a collaboration with Housing & Residential Life and the College of Innovation and Technology.

Gender & Sexuality Theme Community
This Theme Community is a collaboration with the Center for Gender and Sexuality, offering gender-inclusive housing for members of the LGBTQ+ community and supporters to live, learn and grow together through education, peer-led programming, community outreach, and transformative dialogue. In addition, students will be invited to learn more about service through connecting with community organizations and/or participating in programming facilitated by the Center for Gender and Sexuality.

*New for 2022-2023* Honors Theme Community
The Honors Program accepts students with a voracious curiosity, strong work ethic, and passion for learning. The Honors theme community gives Honors students a chance to live near others who will support and challenge each other.  In partnership with the UM-Flint Honors Program staff, students living in this community can expect to participate in community service activities and opportunities that will prepare them to make the most of their college experience as Honors students.