Wolverines for Social justice & diversity Residential Learning Community

The Wolverines for Social Justice & Diversity Residential Learning Community affords students the opportunity to connect and grow in their understanding of social justice with a community of engaged scholars. Together, members of this community will participate in community service, scholarship, and co-curricular programming, holistically focusing on building and their social justice capacity and toolbox. They will learn about systemic oppression and privilege related to race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, social class, and other intersecting identities, ultimately leaving more well-equipped to work as change agents in various domains of influence. This community is supported through the Intercultural Center, Social Work, and Housing and Residential Life. 

You have the unique opportunity to be a part of this first cohort to participate in this community, which is supported through the Intercultural Center, Social Work, and Housing & Residential Life. The curricular component of this community is the course, SWR 250, Social Justice and Diversity. The course is described as: Examination of oppressions, using a critical multicultural lens as a way of valuing diversity and affirming social justice. Provides students skills of self-reflection to recognize, analyze, evaluate and regulate their thinking and actions, encouraging development of a professional use of self, commitment to positive social change and intercultural exchanges.

If selected, you will get the opportunity to take SWR 250 and move-in early (with the expectation that you volunteer for a four-hour shift on move-in day to help your classmates move-in). Housed in our Riverfront Residence Hall, all upperclass students are invited to join this community, regardless of major.

To apply to this Residential Learning Community applicants must:

  • Be admitted to UM-Flint
  • Complete the Student Housing application

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For more information contact David Luke at djluke@umich.edu.