Once you have been awarded aid, you will receive an award notice. This will come in the form of a physical letter for first year students – carefully reviewing this letter is the first step in accepting your aid .  An email is sent to continuing and transfer students . The information below as well as the links in this section will guide you through the process.

Cashier/Student Accounts

Reviewing Your Award Letter


Area 1. Type of Award Notice

  • Blank - this is the first award notice sent.
  • Estimated - first award notice sent to a student needing additional documents.
  • Revised - award notice that is different from the first notice.

Area 2. Financial Aid Awards

  • The financial aid awards offered are based on the financial need of the student.  Awards are broken down into:

  • Gift aid (grants and scholarships that do not have to be repaid).
  • Work-Study (aid that must be earned).
  • Loans (aid that is borrowed and must be repaid).

Area 3. Additional Documents Required

  • Your aid will only pay once all required documents have been completed. If you still need to file any documents, they will be listed here.

Area 4. Expected Enrollment

  • This is the enrollment status your awards are based on for the terms listed


    Area 5. Cost of Attendance (COA)


    • The COA, also known as the budget, is an estimation of what it costs to go to school for a specific period of enrollment. The COA is calculated using an estimated cost of tuition & fees; room & board; books & supplies; personal expenses; and transportation. 
    • This is not what a student/family is expected to pay out-of-pocket.  Actual expenses may be higher or lower depending on your lifestyle.

    • Tuition & Fees and Housing Costs (for on-campus students) are the only items charged by the University.