Safe Ride @ UM-Flint

As part of the Department of Public Safety's ongoing commitment to ensuring the safety of our students, faculty and staff and providing the highest quality customer service possible, in partnership with Student Government, we are pleased to announce Safe Ride

Safe Ride, operated by Public Safety Student Patrol Officers, is a free transportation service that operates within specific campus geographic boundaries. 

DPS continues to revisit and adjust the Safe Ride service schedule of operation based on feedback. Please contact your Student Government representative or Public Safety to provide feedback. 

DPS Announces TapRide


The Department of Public Safety in partnership with Student Government will be releasing an upgrade to our Safe Ride service. Students/Faculty/Staff will be able to download and use our new mobile phone application “Tap Ride”. You can use this App to request rides across campus on demand.  Our Safe Ride hours of operation and pick up and drop off locations are found on our website or Facebook page. This upgrade in service will begin January 2nd 2019. For more information on Tap Ride Click HERE. You can download the new app on the Apple Store or Google Play store. Below are a few tips on how to register for the Tap Ride services.
·         Download Tap Ride to your mobile device
·         Open the Application and scroll down to where you see University of Michigan Flint
·         Choose University of Michigan Flint and you will sign in using your University credentials
·         Please provide your phone number in case our drivers or dispatchers need to contact you
·         Once signed up, you can then request a ride within our campus Geo-Fence
·         We have predetermined pick up and drop off locations but if your residence is within the Geo-Fence, you can provide the address.
·         Once requested, you will be provided with an ETA and see the location of our Safe Ride van that will be picking you up
If you have any questions about our Safe Ride services, please contact us at 810.762.3330. 

Safe Ride


Safe Ride Pick-Up / Drop-Off Locations:

The following are the specific pick-up and drop-off locations serviced by the Safe Ride within the boundary area:

  • FSRH -
    • Cut out on First Street side near entrance
    • Center of loop drive; directly in front of the UCEN
  • FH/Theatre
    • Cut out on Kearsley Street at Wallenberg Street
  • Thompson Library -
    • WTL loading dock, off Harrison Street
  • UPAV -
    • UPAV/Brush Alley at corner near Kearsely Street
  • RFRH/Univ. Tower -
    • At main doors directly in front of RFRH
  • NBC -
    • 2nd St. loading area cutout, at corner of Saginaw Street
  • WSW -
    • WSW loading dock
  • Hubbard Building -
    • At main doors directly in front of Hubbard
  • Mill Parking Deck -
    • Mill Street, near ramp entrance
  • MLK/4th Street -
    • Parking lot of the old fire station on the corner
  • Farmer’s Market -
    • 1st Street at the corner, near Wallenberg Street
  • The Durant -
    • At main front doors directly in front of Durant
  • MTA -
    • Cut out on Harrison Street, near entrance of the MTA
  • Secretary of State/Huntington Bank/US Postal Office -
    • UPAV/Brush Alley at corner of Kearsley Street
  • Social Security Office -
    • Near main front doors, in the Social Security Office parking lot
  • Ferris Wheel Building -
    • 2nd Street at the corner of Brush Alley (access to rear building entrance)
  • Rally's / Family Dollar / St. Michael's Church
    • Parking lot between Rally's and Family Dollar, near the traffic signal
  • Chase Bank -
    • 4th Street curb, in front of main entrance doors
  • Hurley Hospital -
    • Main ER entrance (reminder: this service is specific to non-medical related escorts from campus)
Safe Ride Service Boundary Map

Service Boundaries

Safe Ride Service Boundaries:

  • 5th Ave to the North
  • E. Court Street to the South
  • Saginaw Street to the West
  • Crapo Street to the East
  • South to Fifth Avenue
  • DPS facilitates non-medical Safe Ride service to Hurley Hospital from campus. 

Specific pick up and drop off locations serviced are identified above.


Safe Ride is a service provided by the Department of Public Safety. Abuse and/or misuse of this service may result in immediate suspension of Safe Ride privileges by the Chief of Public Safety. Incidents will be forwarded to Student Conduct & Community Standards for investigation under the Code of Student Conduct.  Final decisions regarding use of the service will be made through the Code of Student Conduct.

Hours of Operation

Safe Ride operates while UM-Flint is open and in session throughout the year.

  • All rides must be requested via DPS Communications when a rider is ready for pick-up at the designated/approved pick-up location point.
  • All riders will be dropped off only as pre-requested designated/approved drop-off locations.
  • Safe Ride services are provided as requested and as resources become available. Delays may occur.
  • Service Closures: Safe Ride does not operate during University closures or during periods of unusual demand for public safety services.