A Zillion Solutions 2018

The Hagerman Center and Entrepreneurs Society Present

A Zillion Solutions

Win up to $3,250 in minutes


What is A Zillion Solutions?

Do you have a solution to a problem? A Zillion Solutions is a campus-wide competition where students of all majors (including undecided students) make a short video describing their unique idea for a new product or service that will solve a problem.  The videos are shorter than 2 minutes, so entering takes no time!  Just use your phone or if you don't like filming yourself just make a Powerpoint!

Why Participate?
  • 12 Prizes totaling $6,000!

  • Add a Great Line to your Resume

  • Network with Investors and Employers

  • Optional advice sessions are Wednesday, October 5 at 12:30 pm and Thursday,October 6 at 5:30 pm. (Attending in not required but might be helpful. Can't make a session or want to submit sooner, feel free to contact us at hagermancenter@umflint.edu for tips!)

  • Deadline to submit videos is Thursday, November 8th, 2018 at 11:59pm.
  • On Thursday, November 15th, 2018 the finalists from each category will be announced.
  • A Zillion Solutions Finals and Award Ceremony is Tuesday, November 27th, 2018 at the North Bank Center at 5:30pm where students from different categories compete to win the grand prize, 1st runner up, fan favorite, and most entertaining.

A UM Flint student or student team from each school/college and undecided majors will WIN!

  • $250 - College of Arts and Science –Arts and Humanities
  • $250 - College of Arts and Science –STEM
  • $250 - School of Education and Human Services
  • $250 - College of Health Sciences
  • $250 - School of Management
  • $250 - School of Nursing
  • $250 - Undecided Majors
  • $250 - Interdisciplinary Collaborations

Winners will then compete with each other for the University wide awards: 

$2,000 - Grand Prize

$1,000 - 1st Runner Up

$500 - Fan Favorite

$500 - Most Entertaining


*One team / student can be eligible to win $3,250 total if they win their category ($250), Grand Prize ($2,000), Most Entertaining ($500), and the fan vote ($500). Grand Prize, 1st Runner Up and School/College winners are also eligible to win  both the Fan Favorite and Most Entertaining Awards. All prizes are subject to financial aid policiesIndividuals winning $500 or less will receive their award in the form of an all-purpose gift card.


The Hagerman Center/Entrepreneurs Society will never pursue your idea!
Their goal is to help you launch it! 


Will the Hagerman Center help me launch my idea?   Absolutely!

One of the main goals of the Hagerman Center is to connect you with advisory organizations that can help you go from an idea to a profitable business.  In fact, 100K Ideas will, free of charge, prepare an in-depth analysis of your idea (normally costing $200) that will provide invaluable suggestions about taking your idea to market.  Also consider taking EIM 340, Introduction to Entrepreneurship, open to students from all disciplines with at least sophomore standing.

Will the Hagerman Center help me protect my idea?  Yes!

Anyone from the Hagerman Center and/or Entrepreneur Society who views or judges your entry to determine whether it makes it to the finals will sign a non-disclosure agreement.  If you make it to the finals, we will provide information suggesting easy ways to help protect your ideas.

I hate seeing myself on video; is there a way to avoid this?   Yes!

Just do an animated PowerPoint.  In fact, last year's Grand Prize winner primarily used PowerPoint.

For additional FAQs about A Zillion Solutions please see the FAQs tab.


View last year’s winners:


***For clarification and questions please reach out by email to hagermancenter@umflint.edu.