The Award Letter

Area 1. Type of Award Notice

  • Blank - this is the first award notice sent.
  • Estimated - first award notice sent to a student needing additional documents.
  • Revised - award notice that is different from the first notice.

Area 2. Cost of Attendance (COA)

  • The COA, also known as the budget, is an estimation of what it costs to go to school for a specific period of enrollment. The COA is calculated using an estimated cost of tuition & fees; room & board; books & supplies; personal expenses; and transportation. 

  • This is not what a student/family is expected to pay out-of-pocket.  Actual expenses may be higher or lower depending on your lifestyle.

  • Tuition & Fees and Housing Costs (for on-campus students) are the only items charged by the University.

Area 3. Expected Enrollment

  • This is the enrollment status your awards are based on for the terms listed

Area 4. Cost to Attend Less Gift Aid

  • This is the Cost of Attendance with Grants and Scholarships subtracted.

Area 5. Financial Aid Awards

The financial aid awards offered are based on the financial need of the student.  Awards are broken down into:

  • Gift aid (grants and scholarships that do not have to be repaid).

  • Work-Study (aid that must be earned).

  • Loans (aid that is borrowed and must be repaid).

Area 6. Net Student/Family Cost if using all aid sources

  • Cost of Attendance – Grants and Scholarships – work study – loans = estimated cost to family.


Accepting Awards on SIS

Click here for a step-by-step tutorial on accepting your aid.


Instructions for First Time Borrowers


On-line signature of Electronic Master Promissory Note (EMPN)

  • Students borrowing through the Federal Direct Loan Program must complete a Direct Loan Electronic Master Promissory Note (EMPN) in order to receive their Direct Loan funds.
  • Authorizes the University of Michigan-Flint to credit Direct Loan funds to your student account.
    Students will never complete another EMPN for the duration of your University of Michigan-Flint education.  
  • After completing the EMPN, you will immediately receive a confirmation number so that you know the federal government has received and accepted the EMPN.
  • The Office of Financial Aid receives electronic confirmation that the EMPN has been completed.
Click here for a tutorial that explains the EMPN process.

On-line Entrance Counseling

  • Students borrowing through the Federal Direct Loan Program must complete counseling in order to receive their Direct Loan funds.
  • Your quiz results will be transmitted electronically to the Office of Financial Aid.
Click here for a tutorial that explains the entrance counseling process.


Perkins Borrowers

If you accept a Perkins Loan, you will be sent instructions with a Master Promissory Note (MPN). Perkins MPNS are signed one time and are valid throughout your continued attendance at UM-Flint, (continuing UM-Flint students who have already signed a MPN will not be sent a new one). Students are required to fill out a new Perkins Loan Questionnaire each academic year.


Other Requirements

You may have other requirements that must be fulfilled before your aid will pay.

Click here to view a tutorial that explains the process of checking for requirements on your student account.

Deadlines for Accepting Aid

Work Study must be accepted by September 30th of the current aid year.

Loans will be canceled if not accepted by the end of the loan period.