The Arts and Sciences. Education for Life.

The College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) at the University of Michigan-Flint offers programs that will educate students far beyond their chosen majors. With over 25 undergraduate possibilities, and numerous graduate programs for students interested in furthering their education, the College of Arts and Sciences provides something for every student.

Comprised of programs in humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, interdisciplinary studies, performing, visual, and fine arts, and encompassing popular STEM offerings, CAS courses prepare students for a life filled with change by providing a broad knowledge base and lifelong learning strategies.

An education in the arts & sciences encourages students to be well versed in a wide range of subjects whether they are focused on a single career path or building a foundation for the future. By imparting both critical and creative thinking skills, communication strategies, and intercultural and global understanding, we help students become the individuals sought by today’s employers and communities. With technology and the economy ever changing, students must be able to adapt to what is currently trending and, even more importantly, what will be in demand in the future—and with a degree from UM-Flint’s College of Arts and Sciences, they can.


$600K grant allows UM-Flint students to explore global questions

Assistant Professors Daniel Birchok and Jacob Lederman received a $600,000 grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation to create and facilitate a series of high impact first-year experiences courses focused on using the humanities to introduce students to global issues. 

UM-Flint serves up Holiday tradition with Madrigal Dinner

Jesters and maidens, a (fake) boar’s head on a platter, and heralding trumpets inviting you to join the king’s feast. The Department of Music’s Madrigal Dinner gives guests the royal treatment each holiday season, right here in Flint.

Political Science grads are Maize & Blue Winners, Best Friends

Fall 2019 grads Taylor Liles and Courtney Hibbeln are Political Science majors, Maize & Blue winners...and best friends. Learn more about how shared experiences at UM-Flint brought their friendship together. 

Alumna Author Returns to Campus

Department of English alumna Kelly Coon experienced more than 100 rejections before signing her first book deal. She returned to campus on December 4 to share the lessons she learned with current UM-Flint students. 

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