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Meet Up with Admissions Counselors Online

We know you have many questions about the University of Michigan-Flint. Our experts, the Admissions Counselor team, are available all fall to offer personal help and guidance as you gather the information you need to make the important decision about where you will earn your degree. You will find our team is knowledgeable, and can provide you with in-depth information on such topics as academic programs, campus life, and how to apply for scholarships as well as financial aid options.

Find your high school and get in touch with one of our counselors so you can participate in these interactive, informative sessions. We look forward to hearing for you!

High School Online Visits

Alcona High SchoolOctober 910:30 a.m.Hannah
Algonac High SchoolOctober 212:30 p.m.Lexi
Alpena High SchoolSeptember 309:00 a.m.Hannah
Ann Arbor Public SchoolsOctober 111:00 a.m.Megan
Armada High SchoolSeptember 292:15 p.m.Lexi
Arthur Hill High SchoolOctober 61:00 p.m.Hannah
Arthur Hill High SchoolOctober 1410:00 a.m.Hannah
Ashley High SchoolSeptember 2211:30 p.m.Hannah
Bad Axe High SchoolOctober 52:45 p.m.Lexi
Battle Creek Central High SchoolOctober 281:00 p.m.John
Bear Lake High SchoolOctober 210:15 a.m.Hannah
Beaverton High SchoolOctober 1211:40 a.m.Hannah
Beecher High SchoolSeptember 2912:30 p.m.Nicole
Belding High SchoolOctober 71:00 p.m.John
Bellaire High SchoolOctober 712:20 p.m.Hannah
Belleville High SchoolOctober 199:00 a.m.Coty
Ben Carson High SchoolOctober 223:00 p.m.Coty
Berkley High SchoolSeptember 302:35 p.m.Megan
Bloomfield Hills High SchoolOctober 1311:30 a.m.Megan
Bloomingdale High SchoolSeptember 2511:00 a.m.John
Brighton High SchoolOctober 1510:40 a.m.Megan
Bullock Creek High SchoolSeptember 2210:00 a.m.Hannah
Carman-Ainsworth High SchoolSeptember 3011:30 a.m.Nicole
Carson City-Crystal High SchoolSeptember 301:15 p.m.Hannah
Carrollton High SchoolOctober 710:00 a.m.Hannah
Caseville High SchoolSeptember 3010:00 a.m.Lexi
Center LineOctober 81:45 p.m.Lexi
Central Montcalm High SchoolOctober 110:50 a.m.Hannah
Chandler Park AcademySeptember 251:00 p.m.Coty
City High/Middle SchoolOctober 211:00 a.m.John
Clare High SchoolSeptember 291:00 p.m.Hannah
Clarkston Senior High SchoolOctober 211:00 p.m.Megan
Clawson High SchoolOctober 1310:30 a.m.Megan
Clinton High SchoolSeptember 3011:30 a.m.John
Clintondale High SchoolOctober 610:00 a.m.Lexi
Coleman High SchoolSeptember 2911:00 a.m.Hannah
Cornerstone Health &
Technology High School
November 231:15 p.m.Coty
Dansville High SchoolOctober 1512:00 p.m.John
Davison High SchoolSeptember 233:00 p.m.Nicole
Detroit Cass Tech High SchoolSeptember 2812:00 p.m.Coty
Detroit School of the ArtsOctober 2812:00 p.m.Coty
Dryden High SchoolOctober 30 8:00 a.m.Lexi
East Lansing High SchoolOctober 111:00 a.m.John
Father Gabriel Richard High SchoolOctober 61:20 p.m.Megan
Fenton High SchoolSeptember 2811:00 a.m.Nicole
Flint Southwestern
Classical Academy
September 2910:00 a.m.Nicole
Flushing High SchoolOctober 11:30 p.m.Nicole
Forest Hills High Schools
(Central, Eastern & Northern)
September 303:00 p.m.John
Fraser High SchoolOctober 211:45 p.m.Lexi
Fruitport High SchoolOctober 1412:30 p.m.Hannah
Garden City High SchoolOctober 1211:28 p.m.Coty
Grosse Pointe North High SchoolOctober 112:25 p.m.Coty
Grosse Pointe South High SchoolOctober 112:25 p.m.Coty
Gull Lake High SchoolOctober 611:00 a.m.John
Hamady High SchoolOctober 1312:00 p.m.Nicole
Henry Ford AcademySeptember 303:15 p.m.Coty
Holly High SchoolOctober 141:30 p.m.Megan
Holton High SchoolOctober 2711:15 a.m.Hannah
Hopkins High SchoolSeptember 309:00 a.m.John
Innovation Central High SchoolOctober 1312:15 p.m.John
International Academy of MacombSeptember 2311:00 a.m.Lexi
Jalen Rose Leadership AcademyOctober 88:35 a.m.Coty
Jalen Rose Leadership AcademyNovember 178:35 a.m.Coty
John Glenn High SchoolOctober 67:00 p.m.Hannah
Kalamazoo Central High SchoolOctober 68:00 a.m.John
Kearsley High SchoolSeptember 291:30 p.m.Nicole
Lake Orion High SchoolOctober 711:00 a.m.Megan
Lakeland High SchoolSeptember 3011:00 a.m.Megan
Lakeville Memorial High SchoolOctober 88:00 a.m.Nicole
Landmark AcademySeptember 2410:52 a.m.Lexi
Lansing Catholic High SchoolSeptember 224:00 p.m.John
Lansing High Schools
Eastern, Everett, J.W. Sexton
October 11:30 p.m.John
Leslie High SchoolOctober 21:30 p.m.John
Lincoln High School (Ypsilanti)October 2011:30 a.m.Megan
Linden High SchoolOctober 63:00 p.m.Nicole
Lowell Senior High SchoolSeptember 291:30 p.m.John
Madison High SchoolOctober 1212:45 p.m.Megan
Maple Valley High SchoolOctober 710:45 a.m.John
Marian High SchoolOctober 145:30 p.m.Megan
Meridian Early CollegeOctober 1512:30 p.m.Hannah
Michigan Virtual Charter AcademySeptember 3012:00 p.m.Megan
Millington High SchoolOctober 810:30 p.m.Hannah
Montague High SchoolSeptember 3012:00 p.m.Hannah
Northville High SchoolOctober 1311:30 a.m.Coty
North Branch High SchoolOctober 19:30 a.m.Lexi
Oakland County Virtual FairOctober 276:00 p.m.Megan
Oakridge High SchoolSeptember 3010:30 p.m.Hannah
Okemos High SchoolSeptember 291:00 p.m.John
Onekama High SchoolOctober 1510:50 a.m.Hannah
Oxford High SchoolOctober 1410:15 a.m.Megan
Pennfield High SchoolOctober 210:00 a.m.John
Pontiac High SchoolOctober 110:00 a.m.Megan
Portage Central High SchoolOctober 2310:00 a.m.John
Portage Northern High SchoolSeptember 243:00 p.m.John
Port Huron NorthernOctober 710:00 a.m.Lexi
Potterville High SchoolSeptember 283:00 p.m.John
Rochester Community Schools
(Adams, Stoney Creek, & RHS)
October 1412:00 p.m.Megan
Saint Johns High SchoolSeptember 3010:00 a.m.John
Saline High SchoolOctober 811:05 a.m.Megan
South Christian High SchoolSeptember 2411:15 a.m.John
Sterling Heights High SchoolOctober 1610:00 a.m.Lexi
St. Mary Catholic Central High SchoolSeptember 2911:41 a.m.John
Stockbridge High SchoolSeptember 249:00 a.m.John
Three Rivers High SchoolOctober 56:00 p.m.John
Traverse City Central High SchoolOctober 57:00 p.m.Hannah
Traverse City West High SchoolOctober 196:30 p.m.Hannah
University Prep Academy High SchoolOctober 134:00 p.m.Coty
Walled Lake Northern High School October 212:05 p.m.Megan
Warren Woods-TowerOctober 147:00 p.m.Lexi
Washtenaw International High SchoolOctober 63:20 p.m.Megan
Waterford Mott High SchoolOctober 202:30 p.m.Megan
Wellspring Preparatory High SchoolSeptember 2412:30 p.m.John
West Bloomfield High SchoolOctober 62:00 p.m.Megan
West Catholic High SchoolOctober 2912:15 p.m.John
Western International High SchoolSeptember 288:00 a.m.Coty
Whitmore Lake High SchoolOctober 612:00 p.m.Megan
Wilson Talent CenterOctober 2112:00 p.m.John
Woodhaven High SchoolOctober 69:50 a.m.Coty
YaleOctober 2010:00 a.m.Lexi